How to Safely Calibrate Android Batteries

How to Safely Calibrate an Android Battery.

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For those of you who use Android gadgets, it will be annoying if the battery in your gadget has started or the power runs out quickly. This has become a natural thing. The amount of specifications and applications that are embedded on Android is one of the big factors causing the waste of batteries. Surely if you experience this, you will find a way to overcome the wasteful battery on Android.

However, maybe you have not found an effective solution to overcome the wasteful battery on your android. For that, here we will provide info about how to calibrate android batteries. This method proved very effective to restore the condition of the cellphone battery as before when the battery is not wasteful.

In this article about the Android battery calibration method, I will divide it into two different ways, namely for a cellphone that has been rooted or without root.

Note: Before going to the main step, it's a good idea to check your android battery physically. Make sure the battery is not in a defective condition, such as ballooning, leaking or scratching. If your android battery is physically disabled, this method will be useless even if it is applied several times. The main solution is to replace your android battery with a new one.

How to Calibrate an Android Battery Without a Root

For your gadget that is still in root condition, you need to do a manual method to calibrate your android battery. In contrast to gadgets that are in a state of root, which only requires software or applications to calibrate the battery. For that, see and apply the method below.

  • Charge your android battery is still on when the cellphone is on. After filling 100%, you can turn off your android phone.
  • After death, usually the battery will reduce the percentage. For this reason, recharge your cellphone is turned off until full 100%
  • After that, turn on your cellphone. Only then will your cellphone recharge again
  • If it's full, please use your cellphone to play heavy games or anything that aims to drain the cellphone's battery until the battery becomes zero percent or dead
  • For the final stage, you can charge your android battery again to the full state
  • Congratulations, your cellphone has been calibrated. Only then can you use your cellphone normally

How to Calibrate an Android Battery with a Battery Calibration Application (ROOT)

As is known before, calibrating a cellphone with a root state will be easier than with a cell without root. You only need to use an application called Battery Calibration. For details, see the method below.

  • The first stage, first download the free Battery Calibration application on the google play store or you can download it on the internet
  • Your cellphone is on, until the battery is fully charged 100%
  • Unplug the cellphone charger and open the application that was downloaded earlier, then click on the "Calibrate" icon
  • After that, you use your cellphone until the battery is drained
  • Then the cellphone is reset to full 100%
  • Restart your cellphone. Until here you have successfully calibrated your battery using the Battery Calibration application

That is the article about how to calibrate an android cellphone battery. Try the above method before you replace your android battery with a new one. If that doesn't work, then you can replace the battery with a new one. Hopefully it can help you all.

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