CAUTION! Telegram Fraud! This is how to handle it

Along with the times, not only technology is developing, but the mode of deception is growing.

There are so many modes that are run by fraudsters, ranging from deceptive to conventional old ways, and deceiving with a more modern mode and certainly very convincing.

Lots of fraudsters in the name of lottery prizes, which in the notification message they send us are always included with the lottery number and of course put a direct link directly to the fake website they have made to convince potential fraud targets.

Maybe not a few of us have experienced something like this, some ignore it and some are tempted by their lure and fall into this fraudulent mode.

What has recently happened is TELEGRAM fraud, and I have experienced this myself, in deceiving them using the following modes.

Pretending to be the operator of TELEGRAM

In this mode they will contact prospective targets, beginning with a question and answer about telegram ownership and what activities are carried out using telegrams, they target telegram owners who use their telegram to trade financially or credit, then suddenly an OTP code message will appear from the telegram, then they ask the code for the reason for validating the ownership of the telegram, after all the information they need is enough, eating the swindler will continue to the next stage.

Channeling TELEGRAM will update features

After the question and answer session is complete, and the prospective target has already told the OTP code to the cheater, the cheater will continue the mode again, this time he tells you that the telegram will update, because there will be an error and for anticipation they tell us not to use or open the telegram for 1 hour in the future. Why do they tell us not to use telegram until 1h in the future? so we cannot know if they are entering our telegram account and committing a crime.

What if we have already entered the trap?

In this case, maybe you who have experienced the incident and already entered into their trap, let alone have experienced it up to the 2nd point, then immediately handle it as follows.

  • Change settings by activating the "two-step verification" feature found in the telegram settings, how to enter the "settings> privacy and security> two-step verification" bar
two-step verification telegram
(Image :

  • Forcibly close all activity sessions, where you will close the login activity on all devices that enter using your account and logout by itself, except on the device you are using, by going to the "settings> privacy and security> sessions and terminate bar "then select terminate all sessions.
terminate all sessions telegram
(Image :

After securing the above method, you can now breathe a sigh of relief because all login activity sessions in other places have been logged out and all irresponsible parties will no longer be able to enter your account without passing verification that we have activated, and can be ascertained there's no way they can access your account.

From the above, we can take important points, that we should never easily trust anyone who asks for personal information that others ask for, even in the name of operators, vendors and so on.

Hopefully this short article is useful for all of us, please leave a comment if you want to ask about this article.

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